We are committed to developing our players and helping them to reach their fullest potential – individually and as part of the team.  We strive to have our players be well-rounded in skill and sportsmanship, and teach these lessons through the sport of soccer.  The Falls City Soccer Club encourages learning, togetherness, and opportunity above all.


Winter Training


Develop your technical skills during the off season with the winter training program!  While your competition is resting you can work on your fundamentals, master foot skills, and gain comfort with the ball in a team-based setting.  This training is offered once a week during the winter months and is open players at the Academy level and above.

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Goalkeeper Training


Goalies, move beyond basic fundamentals with goalkeeper training!  These sessions will help you move beyond just stopping shots.  You will become a better goalie by improving your organization, defense, and handling of the ball.  All ages will practice once a week at City Hall.

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Animal Ball


Come out and have fun with the club on Friday or Sunday evenings in the fall and spring for Animal Ball!  This organized free-play fosters the basic principle of soccer … having fun!  After being separated into an appropriate level, you’ll play small sided games that allow you to further develop your skills and compete against a variety of players and skillsets.

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Skills Training


Individual and Small Group Trainings

·  1 on 1 sessions: $50/hour

·  2 - 6 player group sessions: $25/player

·  City Hall Small Building, Miles Park, or Egg Lawn (by preference)

·  Contact AJ Wolfe ([email protected]) for more information.